The vision and dental insurance The director of product development at RGA, Tamer Saher, confirmed that insurance companies have become more cautious about health insurance policies in general due to the high compensation they pay and accounted for 87.8% of the total premiums of 10.6 billion last year. According to data issued by the Insurance Authority for 2014.


Ahmed Yussef said he suffered severe pain in the teeth several days ago. The vision and dental insurance After being treated by a doctor, he was surprised that he was required to pay a bill of AED550. The insurance company was found to bear only 70% of the treatment. Provided by his doctor is not included in the insurance.

He added: «The doctor told me that my treatment needs more than a session, which means I will spend large amounts in each session».


“He was suffering from pain in the teeth and was treated, and when he found the value of the bill is high, continue with the insurance company of her, asking why the high endurance in dental diseases, and the response that dealing with dentists is a cosmetic and health insurance Directed to treat diseases ».