You in off the streets a discount dental plan will have a pre-contract adroit or so it may cut the cost in half versus not having insurance so whether or not the insurance company actually sends a check to the dentist it’s going to reduce your cost significantly just by having a discount dental plan so it’s good for basic care and again it costs to dollars a month so it’s very affordable so this type of plan is terrific for folks.

That have had very little dental history in their past that you go in fora check-up and a cleaning twice a year that you maybe have a filling every once in a while it works terrific for that type of consumer now Dentemax if you have had a more extensive dental history so you’ve had a lot of fillings you may have had root canals you know.


Dental Helps
Dental Helps


What you would be looking for so it is a higher premium can run anywhere from thirty five to fifty dollars a month but again if you’re gonna use it that’s okay because you’re gonna generally pay for itself very easily it usually has a better network of dentists so this one actually sends a check to the dentist so it does pay the dentist for the work that

They’re doing so you generally have a higher kind of level of quality with the dentist.It also provides pre negotiated rates so it’s worked with the dentist’s office and it’s good for more complex care so these plans will have what’s generally a maximum benefit of, or, and I would almost always opt for the, maximum benefit just because if this fits into what you’re looking for chances.

You’re gonna reach your your maximums or your limits during the year so it works out very well now for discount dental I have a separate video on that so if you are simple on the dental and you’re just looking for cleanings and checkups and and things of that nature you’ve had some issues in the past and you foresee continuing to have issues in the future then a PPO type plan is more in line. See more..