emergency dental insurance happened by the time I got to the  dentist the gum line was already decaying and they needed to do a root  canal so just that procedure alone put me #wikipedia in about an amount and this was  all this was probably nine-ten years ago back when I was in college and just still under my parent’s insurance of all  things and so .

I maxed out in one operation I was done I couldn’t use a dental plate anymore and I  emergency dental insurance still need to do my preventative care but I couldn’t  do my preventive care like my regular check-ups because I was completely done for the whole year so they put limits on you I thought the year the next challenge that you’re  gonna face challenge.

number two I’m saying it’s really the high monthly premiums and I come from a family of three so it’s me my wife and our little daughter so for me and this is this is a  real real conservative ballpark number I’m saying average conservative fifty dollars that’s realistically a seventy-five two hundred dollars per month for a family of three an .

individual could really look like forty  to fifty anywhere from twenty-five to thirty-five as well but let’s just say let’s just say kind of medium range is to your whole year costs it’s gonna be about four hundred and eighty dollars and this is because of the  premiums the premiums are really what you’re gonna get you and that’s $ if it’s $ a month again this

is a medium average you’re gonna pay a year and they’re gonna kind of sell you on the fact that well you know what we’re gonna  give you one or two free cleanings so you’re gonna get one or two free cleanings maybe in one or two free x-rays but it’s not really free and it’s not necessarily free and it’s not even free because the cost for these

are built in  premiums you’re paying per month and so it’s not that you’re getting a free service is that you already paid for it and you’re paying into the bigger system of what they do you’re paying it to the business model and so it’s not truly  free now the next shell is that a lot of people face there and we’re saying the challenge number three is that

people come with pre-existing conditions like me I had a emergency dental insurance  cavity I just had to realize it and so because I chipped my tooth and  because I was eating a bag of Skittles the most