Cross plans have a national network through our blue card so we affiliate with other Blue Cross plans and other states and our customers can use their network when they travel so agree completely dentemax with what sherry said we very much encourage people to check their network before they go to the doctor to make sure that they’re visiting someone with whom.

We have To know that’s a contract it’s significantly less expensive to visit someone in network okay and what other issues do consumers need to be aware of before purchasing their health insurance for the year Jordan I think networks are one of the key things that people need to look at Dentemax.

They and so that’s probably the starting point where do you want to receive your care and then be sure that it covers the services in a fast that that you understand how you’re going to pay for it and so I think that where are you going to receive it how are you going to pay.

How much you’re going to pay and then that kind of informs the decision-making process that that con information today again we have more information on our website that’s unc-tv org slash health insurance thank you summer will have for the following year and we’ll leave it here.


I would like to thank the entire panel for their time and you and have a very healthy year I North Carolina channel is made possible by the financial contributions of viewers like you who support the unc-tv Network health insurance open enrollment get answers is a production of unc-tv in association with the north carolina, that people need to look at and so that’s probably the starting point.

Where do you want to receive your options and the choices that you have when you come into Medicare so stay tuned my name is Keith iron brick founder of Medicare on video I hope you’ll find the information in this video very helpful and presented in an easy-to-understand format turning Medicare eligible is actually.