humana dental insurance good plan at all and we had to go back and research it but she had gotten the information she was ready humana dental insurance to have.

the contract signed and send all the stuff in but we had to stop back and look and then we said oh no that’s just an option so when the patient’s call

we shouldn’t say okay yes we’ll sign up for that plan we should say actually that’s not the best plan why don’t you keep the plan that you have and and and then the patient can make the decision but if they love you as the doctor

they might choose the plan that they can go to you for then not yes but also don’t ever just panic and fill out paperwork and send it in yes always double-check it and that’s really I see that a lot they think oh we have to keep our patients happy

they always do it to keep the patient’s happy and then inadvertently they end up agreeing to percent lower fees then you’re already getting so pay attention to that don’t ever just send it in and don’t ever let a rep tell you that you’re gonna you

know the world’s going to blow up if you don’t just in talking to a rep they sign up for another insurance plan but that insurance plan they were actually already covered under Guardian an umbrella plan and the plan that they signed up for individually had lower fees so guess

what all of a sudden now they’re Guinea I think it was like % lower reimbursement rates because they listened to a rep you gotta do your due diligence right so third question

what is the point of tracking adjustments this I’m very passionate about this tracking adjustments does so much for you and I’ve got I talked to Docs they don’t want to track gross production they only want to track net they want to be able to look